Hatfield McCoy Homecoming Reunion

May 11TH – 14TH 2023

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Hatfield & McCoy Reunion Festival

Get your feud on!!!

A Mammoth Homecoming is coming our way — the first family reunion in two decades — hosted by our dear friends at Hatfields and McCoys Foundation & Museum in partnership with Blue Sky Global Productions and Events.

It all begins the evening of Thurs., May 11th thru Sat. night, May 14th in the City of Williamson, WV! Let’s celebrate the 20th anniversary of the truce between the Hatfields and McCoys together.

Family members, shirt-tail relations, dear friends, and the general public are ALL invited to three days of fun activities, reenactments, country cookin’, artisan displays, booths, and good-natured competitions.

Experience the history! Meet the people! Enjoy the entertainment!

Keep your powder dry and your October calendar OPEN!!  It’s going to be a HOMECOMING BLAST!

Hatfields and McCoys Foundation & Museum

Mission Statement:

To educate and preserve the Hatfield-McCoy family history of the famous blood feud while promoting peace and showing the world it is possible to love beyond our differences. 


The Hatfield-McCoy name is a very infamous and trusted name in the Appalachia Mountains due to the famous history. We will capitalize on this foundation to help grow the struggling local economies where the family feuds took place by creating jobs and growing the tourism revenue in the areas.  

Our goal is to utilize the foundation to purchase key Hatfield McCoy Family sites and properties and get them registered as protected historic landmarks and keep them maintained for years to come.  Through the years these historic sites have not been kept by the families (inherited through marriages), nor are they protected, or even maintained.    

We will market the Hatfield-McCoy Family Foundation and its properties, leadership, and products to the local community, businesses, business leaders, and across the country as well as focus on social media marketing to campaign our vision and mission. 

We do this while promoting and preserving the family history conveying our message of Peace, Love, Diversity, Inclusion, Acceptance, and Togetherness.

The Hatfield Homeplace “Last homeplace of Devil Anse” – Hatfield & McCoy Museum


The Hatfield McCoy Foundation is a unique opportunity for the families to come together in solidarity to form a joint-family endeavor that will promote, advocate, and preserve the interests of the families for future generations.  

While significant strides have been made in the preservation of feud heritage sites in the past two decades, most efforts have been funded and overseen by public entities. The Foundation will be the first privately held corporation organized, funded, and supported by the families, working on behalf of supporting the families’ joint-heritage. 

Why is it so important to preserve and promote our heritage?

The Tug Valley region of Eastern Kentucky and Western West Virginia has been home to the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s for centuries. As some of the earliest settlers in the New World, the families fought in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. The families braved the frontier of the Appalachian Mountains, daring to build a life for their kin in the rugged, isolated region.  

Even as descendants of the families have spread out across the country, the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s continue to cherish the land and heritage of Appalachia from which we came. The families are a product of history, a legacy we honor and are committed to preserve.  

As we stand together in unity, we hope that others may learn from the cautionary tale of the Feud as well as the example of reconciliation set by the families in the modern era.

Why is this festival so important?

This is the primary fund-raising event for the Hatfields and McCoys Foundation, a 501c (3) organization working to preserve and promote the family’s legacy. 

In the wake of the 9-11 attack in New York, Reo Hatfield and Ron McCoy felt that it was necessary to demonstrate the unity of the America people to an unsettled world. He felt that there was no better example of reconciliation that the modern-era Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. Under his leadership, the Hatfield’s signed an historic Truce in 2003 as a public demonstration of the power of unity. 

Twenty years later, as our country is faced with increasing divisions of race, gender, religion politics and economics, the message of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s is more relevant than ever. After more than 150 years, the families once embroiled in a blood feud continue to validate the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.  

If the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s can come together in peace, then there is hope for the world. 

Hatfield & McCoy


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12790 Jerry West Hwy
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