About Us

The Hatfields and McCoys Foundation is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to preserving not only our own family heritage, but also our wonderful Appalachian culture.

Our Mission:

To educate and preserve the Hatfield-McCoy family history of the famous blood feud while promoting peace and showing the world it is possible to love beyond our differences.

The Vision:

The Hatfield-McCoy name is a very infamous and trusted name in the Appalachia Mountains due to the famous history. We will capitalize on this foundation to help grow the struggling local economies where the family feuds took place by creating jobs and growing the tourism revenue in the areas. 

Our goal is to utilize the foundation to purchase key Hatfield McCoy Family sites and properties and get them registered as protected historic landmarks and keep them maintained for years to come.  Through the years these historic sites have not been kept by the families (inherited through marriages), nor are they protected, or even maintained.   

We will market the Hatfield-McCoy Family Foundation and its properties, leadership, and products to the local community, businesses, business leaders, and across the country as well as focus on social media marketing to campaign our vision and mission.

We do this while promoting and preserving the family history conveying our message of Peace, Love, Diversity, Inclusion, Acceptance, and Togetherness.